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Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 | Engage. Connect. Plug-in.

Do numbers influence you?

Social Muse founder, Christine Kirk was declared a winner this week in the “Luxplosion 2010: A Date with Luxury” Contest! Christine won top honor for “Decadent PR Pro in 2010.”

Congrats, Christine!

Online luxury lovers went wild and participated in this 3-month long luxury award contest across 6 categories, 85 sub categories, 426 nominees, which finally ended in honoring 88 total winners — including our very own, Christine Kirk!

Click here to check who bagged the luxury crown for year 2010. And to check the %age of votes received, hit here.

LuXplosion will be an annual event – so stay tuned for a date for LuXplosion 2011.

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