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Christine Kirk, CEO and Founder of Social Muse Communications, today was declared a Klout Star!

The Klout Stars series highlights top online influencers and how they got to where they are today.

To read Christine’s feature as a Klout Star, click here.


Do numbers influence you?

Social Muse founder, Christine Kirk was declared a winner this week in the “Luxplosion 2010: A Date with Luxury” Contest! Christine won top honor for “Decadent PR Pro in 2010.”

Congrats, Christine!

Online luxury lovers went wild and participated in this 3-month long luxury award contest across 6 categories, 85 sub categories, 426 nominees, which finally ended in honoring 88 total winners — including our very own, Christine Kirk!

Click here to check who bagged the luxury crown for year 2010. And to check the %age of votes received, hit here.

LuXplosion will be an annual event – so stay tuned for a date for LuXplosion 2011.

I just received my order from Jennifer Miller Jewelry and I’m so thrilled about it, I had to post a few pics.

These Gold Plated Faux Diamond Bezel Bangles come in a  Set of 12 and are the perfect compliment to any summer ensemble. The best part? They’re on sale.

White Gold Bangles

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore my dark nail polish. Chanel’s eternally classic VAMP is probably my all-time fave nail polish color. However, for summer, I always try and indulge my lighter side and this awesome shade created by Jennifer Miller Jewelry for Essie really fits the bill.  Love Shark Grey Nail Polish officially takes a bite out of summer. At only $8 a bottle, it’s not only summer-friendly, but wallet-friendly too!

Love Shark - Take a bite out of your summer

Jennifer Miller Jewelry has been featured on the popular Bravo TV show “Bethenny Getting Married” and of course, you can also find Jennifer Miller Jewelry on Twitter at: @JWJEWELRY. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

Another successful #luxchat took place today with esteemed guest Tweeter @SimonFCooper, the President of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

#luxchat is a live chat on Twitter discussing the intersection of social media and luxury. The list of co-founders of #luxchat can be found in the image below. The live chat takes place on the third Wednesday of every month. We received overwhelming and positive responses to featuring travel industry expert, and social media pioneer Mr. Cooper in the chat,  and we plan to feature more high-profile industry experts in the future…so be sure to tune in each month!

We were honored to be able to include Mr. Cooper as our Guest Tweeter this month, and the large audience following and participating in our live chat were captivated by the many insights provided by this travel industry heavyweight. A few of Mr. Cooper’s social media gems worth noting:

- I think the airlines are leading the way in social for the travel industry. Virgin comes to mind quickly #luxchat

- To me, success from social media channels will mean more engaged current Ritz-Carlton customers and reaching new ones #luxchat

- Louis Vuitton is an excellent example of a luxury brand that does it right. #luxchat

- I don’t believe in reacting to peer pressure to do things because the hotel next door are doing them. We like to do our homework #luxurychat

- Each Ritz-Carlton hotel is undergoing a digital mapping process which looks at how social will fit best for them #luxurychat

- What I like about Facebook is 70% of the users are outside of North America. As a global company, that is very important to us #luxchat

Major kudos to Mr. Cooper and his social media savvy representation @RitzCarltonPR for allowing the Twitter audience to live chat and ask questions about how a luxury brand like Ritz-Carlton is getting involved in social media. One of my favorite tweets of the evening was: “Social Media tipping point for luxury brands? If CEO of Ritz can give time & engage in a #luxurychat, there’s no excuse for other brands.” by @SpaIndex.

Check out some interesting statistics into the success of #luxchat. We hope you join us again in August!

Join Girls in Tech LA on the roof at the gorgeous Hotel Erwin in Venice for sunset cocktails, networking and more.

Enjoy $5 GITinis and an amazing rooftop view of west LA while mixing and mingling with some of LA’s brightest names in tech, media, and entertainment.

Space is limited, so RSVP to guarantee your spot.

It’s the little things in life, you know?

Today, the cover I ordered for my Kindle e-reader was delivered from It’s Diane Von Furstenberg designed, and it’s chic and fabulous. Just cause you love techy, nerdy things (like me) doesn’t mean you have to look like a geek.

DVF Kindle Cover - Exterior

DVF Kindle Cover - Interior (with Kindle)

One of the biggest selling points for me (besides the DVF signature print design, gold clasp and hot pink interior) is that there are built in slots for business cards — both your own, and those that you collect when you’re out and about.

You can order your very own DVF Kindle cover here. You can also follow DVF on Twitter. Enjoy!


On April 22, the Los Angeles chapter of Girls in Tech hosted an incredibly successful PR & Marketing 3.0 panel. The turnout was above and beyond what we expected and we were thrilled to be able to engage so many great minds on such a relevant topic.

The amazing panelists (if I do say so myself) were: Rynda Laurel @rynda (AF83, Bearstech & Hackable:Devices), Heather Meeker @heathermeeker (Whrrl), Babette Pepaj @bakespace (Bakespace, TechMUNCH & The Daily Bits), Amanda Coolong @acoolong (Tech Zulu, & Beta PR) and me, Christine Kirk @luxuryprgal (Social Muse Communications). Unfortunately, the equally wonderful Nicole Jordan (Mobile Roadie) and Andrea Scott (Pom Wonderful) had last minute commitments that kept them from being on the panel as originally scheduled.

One thing for sure is that we were a group of opinionated, passionate, and incredibly intelligent ladies who had a lot to say. Online communications and the digital world is something we are all deeply involved with in our daily personal and work lives, and it couldn’t have been a livelier conversation.

If you couldn’t make it to the event last week, we hope you come out to the next one (we know it’s tough economic times, but price of entry is ten bucks, and you get to schmooze with gorgeous, smart women – what more can you ask for?)

At a high-level, some of the “golden nuggets” (if you will) provided by the panelists were:

  • Press releases are still relevant for SEO purposes and are a vehicle to disseminate your brand’s messaging the way you want, and in a controlled environment.
  • Twitter and Facebook aren’t about the number of followers and friends that you have. Social media is about building brand awareness and making a direct connection with your customers and consumers and having a two-way dialogue with them.
  • Twitter Lists are your friend! Use them to create organized groups on different topics, industries, etc. Start with for help.
  • Social media is but one arrow in the quiver, don’t get caught with tunnel vision on this one channel of communication, and remember to use the many other avenues available to get your brand out there.
  • Use geolocation services (FourSquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, etc.) as personal brand builders and “legitimize your work through your lifestyle.” If you represent hospitality brands for example, checking in to restaurants, hotels and spas builds confidence that you practice what you preach.
  • How can you avoid Internet stalkers when using geolocation services? Check in when you check out. Only check in when you’re LEAVING a venue, not when you arrive.
  • Twitter is great way to create relationships with media you want to pitch stories to. Use Twitter to really learn who a journalist is, what they cover, and how they liked to be pitched. Ask them questions, send them interesting articles and acknowledge them when they post a story they wrote. Build a legitimate relationship and they’ll be more willing to open your e-mail the next time you send one…
  • Only small niches of people are actively on Twitter, so your message may not go far. Identify key influencers in other places online and off who can take your message beyond social media.
  • Geolocation is here to stay, so you better start learning FourSquare, Gowalla, and Whrrl to stay on top of your game.