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Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 | Engage. Connect. Plug-in.

Social Muse Communications offers a cost-effective and personalized approach to accomplishing a brand’s most ambitious PR and social media marketing goals.

Our firm goes beyond PR 2.0, PR 3.0 or PR whatever point oh – there is no one way to reach your target audience. Simply securing a placement in a glossy magazine is not going to cut it anymore. To go from a good, to an excellent communications strategy, your brand must get in front of consumers through many different levels of media – print, broadcast, online, blogs, and social networking sites.

Don’t miss the mark by focusing on just one channel of communications.

Social media has changed how people communicate with each other, and how customers interact with brands, around the world.  If you are not listening to, and engaging with your customers through social media, you are risking the integrity of your brand, and missing a golden opportunity to build business and enhance your reputation in ways that simply aren’t possible through traditional public relations, and advertising initiatives.

Social Muse Communications consults luxury travel, restaurant, lifestyle (including spa/wellness), and tech brands seeking ways to integrate social media into traditional public relations plans with new social media tools, oversees usage of those tools, and offers expert guidance on best practices and rules of engagement.

We also establish a strategy for participation on various social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Swarm, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others.

With a sound strategy, social media can help a brand:

CREATE awareness
GENERATE business leads
AID employee recruitment
DEVELOP brand loyalty and fan culture
HUMANIZE your brand
PERFORM better customer service
DESIGN better products and services
MONITOR your brand’s reputation

Our job is to help you join the conversation in an authentic, meaningful way. We start by listening to you and develop an understanding for your company’s goals and objectives.

We provide the following social media services:

Strategy Development
Corporate Trainings
Social Media Channel Creation/Setup and Ongoing Management
Corporate Protocol Development

Our goal is to help brands improve their customer and media experience and provide comprehensive measurement of Return on Influence (the new ROI).

P.S. Still think social media is a fad? Watch this video about its explosive growth and think again. Social Muse are the communications experts who can help take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL.

To see if we are a good fit for your organization, you can call, email, snail mail, friend request, @ reply, DM (once we follow you), comment on our blog, send a smoke signal, release a carrier pigeon, or just click on the button below. We look forward to engaging in a meaningful conversation with you!

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